We have a Baby Bump!

I was told that I needed to write a post since it’s been a while… So here you go, Megan. 🙂

We’ve had a busy past month. We’ve had two prenatal visits since the last post. We went on a cruise to celebrateorange Johnny’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary. We’ve moved into our house and there will be a “house tour” soon. And I’m finally getting some proof of baby.
On June 29 we had our first prenatal appointment. We signed all of the consent forms and I found out I have the option of keeping my placenta! Then I had all my vitals taken and everything is looking good. I was worried I wasn’t gaining enough weight but I was reassured that I’m just fine. I had to answer a ton of questions on family history and about my symptoms. Since I had been so nauseous they prescribed me Diclegis but it’s pretty expensive so I just bought B6 vitamins and those have been helpful. I had to have about half of my blood taken and I found out I’m AB+ which I think is pretty awesome. (It’s a fairly rare blood type and it’s the universal recipient.) Then the fun part, we got to see our little baby. I was thinking I was about 11 weeks along but the baby only measured 10 weeks so they moved my due date to January 25… the day before Johnny’s birthday. (What a great birthday present, huh?!) Everything looked good with baby and we even got to see her shake her little bum. Her heart rate was 178 and she was about 3 cm long!

We went on a cruise and had a nice vacation from work! Then when we got back we had another prenatal appointment. It was a quick appointment! We went in and I had to answer a couple of questions about how I’ve been feeling. I only gained a pound since my last appointment, but in my defense baby hadn’t been letting me keep much down. Then we listened to the heartbeat and it was at 148!

My next appointment is August 25 and it’ll be pretty similar to the last one. Around the week of September 7 we will have our anatomy scan and they will be able to tell the gender. We won’t find out until our gender reveal party so I’m hoping it’s not much longer after the appointment. I’m so anxious to find out!!!

The most exciting thing right now is that I finally have a little bit of proof that there’s a baby. We have a tiny bump!!


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