Meet the Stephens


Hello! Welcome to our family’s blog! My name is Beth and I’ll be doing most of the posting here. I’m married to a real stud named Jonathan. Our little man came into this world January 13, 2016! Let me tell you a little about us…

My husband is 25 years old. He is a police recruit. He will graduate the police academy on December 8, 2017. He likes riding motorcycles, although that hobby has taken a hiatus for the duration of the academy. I’m 23 years old, I’m a preschool teacher and looking forward to getting my childbirth educator certification. We love the Lord and strive to glorify Him in the way we interact with others and one another. We’ve been married for four years now and it’s been a huge learning experience! We have a son, Nolan Robert, who was born January 13, 2016. He has a very special heart. We live in Texas and plan on living here for the rest of our lives. We’d like to visit every state in the US plus a few places outside of the US. We want a big family, like 6 or more kiddos!

We’re not the most interesting people but we want to share our lives with you!



5 thoughts on “Meet the Stephens

  1. HI, Beth!! I just wanted to 1, thank you for reaching out! Thank you so
    Much for your prayers for our family! I too have added your sweet baby also!!
    I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for your blog and your love for Jesus!
    I have tried to find info to help prepare myself for our journey ahead, and there
    Not a lot out there. So I was so happy when I found yours! I love your honesty,
    And hope!! How’s your sweet baby doing now!? Has life settled down a bit!?
    I wish you all the best! Praying for you all 😀👍🏼🙏🏼


    • One of the things I wanted most when we found out about Nolan was other families who also have a strong faith in Christ. I guess those mamas just don’t blog.
      He’s doing good now! His second surgery will be in 3 weeks so it’s a little scary, but I would say for the most part life has settled. And from other people’s experiences it gets even better after surgery number 2!!


      • Let me just start by saying I’m so happy for you that things settled down for your family! I can only imagine the stress! Also that ill be lifting you, your husband and Nolan up in prayer for his upcoming surgery! I will be praying for his doctors hands to be guided and for strength for you! I cant imagine how you feel! I too feel scared and I haven’t even met our baby yet! I also started my blog for similar reasons! I felt like there really isn’t much out there, and if God can use this hardship for his Good, I feel like that is Great! So, do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your experience!? I don’t want you to feel like I’m nosey, lol, but its nice to talk to someone whos been through it! I do have one girlfriend here in my hometown that has a son the went threw all the same heart surgerys as Nolan and our baby lucy will undergo! His case though was so so so severe that its hard to compare our situation. He was literally born with less than half of his heart! He also had to undergo some stomach surgeries and intestine surgeries! So he was a super super super sick baby! Anyways, I’m just curious how old was Nolan when you got to come home!? I’m sure everycase is different. just looking for and idea! were you afraid when you did come home? or did you feel well equipped with information and Nolans care!? My husband and I go up to the hospital where we will deliver on Wednesday of this week. They will do all their own scans and come up with their own diagnosis. The specialist we have been working with in our home town doesn’t seem to know a ton. She said she is confident in her diagnosis though. So I pray we come away from Wednesday with more information. I’m also praying for optimistic doctors. Anyways, I’m sorry, I feel like I’m writing you my whole life story! LOL! While I wouldn’t wish this journey on my worst enemy, it does make my heart happy to be able to talk to someone whos been through it! So, thank you for your blog! I will continue to pray for your family!


      • Please feel free to ask any questions! My husband and I didn’t really have anyone to talk to until the day of Nolan’s first surgery. We met another family while waiting.

        Nolan was 23 days when he got to come home. We were under the impression he would be in the hospital for 4-6 weeks, so we were pretty surprised when they told us we were going home. My husband felt pretty confident about going home but I was terrified! I even asked our nurses if it was normal or it was just me. They said most parents feel pretty scared but do just fine. It’s just different when nurses and doctors have been taking care of your child and then all of a sudden you’re going home and you’re on your own. This was also our first baby so I don’t think that helped.

        We’ll be praying you get more information and just for health of you and Lucy. It’s scary but it does get better… and then it gets hard again.
        But there are more good days than bad.


      • Ok! Yeah, lol we have two others and I remember being scared bringing our first home too!!! BUT this is a whole new level!! 😂😂 lol! I’ll prob be just like you! Lol terrified! 😂😬 23 days!! That’s a little better than I thought!! Although when your there
        For that long it prob feels like an eternity! I’m going to miss our other two littles so so badly! But we will get through it!! Thank u for the prayers! And the info!! 😊👍🏼 if I have any others I know where to come!! 😉


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