We have a Baby Bump!

I was told that I needed to write a post since it’s been a while… So here you go, Megan. ūüôā We’ve had a busy past month. We’ve had two prenatal visits since the last post. We went on a cruise to celebrate Johnny’s¬†grandparent’s 50th anniversary. We’ve moved into our house and there will be […]

“It was one step closer to becoming a raptor”

9 WEEKS! I am now 9 weeks and 2 days along. According to the What to Expect app my¬†baby¬†is about the size of a green¬†olive¬†but¬†it’s¬†growing fast! There’s a lot going on with this little one and my body is feeling it! A couple of weeks ago my pregnancy app told me my baby had a […]