This Kid Has Plans of His Own

WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with what happens during birth then you may not want to read any further. I’m not sparing any details.    Ever since we found out about Nolan’s heart we had been planning on inducing around 39 weeks. On January 4, the induction date was officially scheduled for January 18. It […]


I suppose I’ll do one more update before Nolan gets here. I’ve still been going to the OB weekly and I really hate it. I find myself dreading Mondays because I hate going to doctors appointments. I LOVE seeing Nolan and hearing his heart, but weekly visits just remind me that everything is not as […]

32 weeks down, forever to go!

I was hoping the holiday season would make these last few weeks fly by but that’s just not the case. 😦 I feel like this last 7 weeks is going to drag by and mid-January is NEVER going to get here. I’m so anxious to meet this baby! During the Thanksgiving break I had a […]

27 Week “Bumpdate”

Okay, I just really wanted to use the word bumpdate. 🙂  Anyway, we only have 12 more weeks to go since I’m not allowed to go past 39 weeks. We had an OB appointment today to measure baby and do my glucose test. I was really nervous about the glucose test because I was under the […]

Our Blue Baby

Our lives are about to get very busy! On the 21st of September we had an appointment with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. The midwife wanted us to go get a second look at Nolan’s heart. I went in thinking the doctor was just going to tell us there was a calcification on his heart and […]

Our Baby Has a Gender!

Okay, the baby’s had a gender for a while, but now the midwives know, my mom knows, and soon we’ll know too! (I would use a sonogram picture for this post but I can’t look at them until after the gender is revealed.) Anyway, at my last prenatal appointment everything sounded great. The baby’s heartbeat […]

We have a Baby Bump!

I was told that I needed to write a post since it’s been a while… So here you go, Megan. 🙂 We’ve had a busy past month. We’ve had two prenatal visits since the last post. We went on a cruise to celebrate Johnny’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary. We’ve moved into our house and there will be […]

“It was one step closer to becoming a raptor”

9 WEEKS! I am now 9 weeks and 2 days along. According to the What to Expect app my baby is about the size of a green olive but it’s growing fast! There’s a lot going on with this little one and my body is feeling it! A couple of weeks ago my pregnancy app told me my baby had a […]