Happy Half Birthday!

I can’t believe I’ve had Nolan for 6 months (and 2 days)! It’s been an incredible and sometimes difficult six months. We’ve made it through two open heart surgeries and miserable headaches. June was the first month so far that we didn’t have to stay at least one night in the hospital. I love this little boy more and more each day and can’t imagine life without him.

He has physical therapy once a week and he’s started rolling over from front to back and back to front. Just last night, he kept rolling back and forth, until I started recording, of course. He does a decent job of sitting up with some help. We’ve started experimenting with foods. He LOVES apple sauce. We’ve also tried sweet potatoes (not a fan), squash (didn’t care for that), and avocado (he tolerated this).

He’s also, kind of, started school. I went back to work because the preschool was down a teacher. It was an adjustment for both of us. I had gotten so used to cuddling with Nolan all day everyday that I missed him even though he was just around the corner from me. But we’ve both been doing better. He gets to play with Lolli and Grandma Nett all day in the office. This Fall he will actually be in a class with other kiddos 5 days a week. Our biggest concern is health, because just a simple cold could be a hospital stay. So please be praying for a healthy Nolan! We are very fortunate that I work in the school he will be going to, so he will always just be right down the hall!

This first 6 months has been great. I love having Nolan and getting to experience all the milestones of having a baby. I’m excited for this next 6 months because there will be so many more new things to experience (just hopefully no more hospital stays!). Although, I do wish he could be little forever because one day he’s going to be sassy and I’m not ready for that yet.


Nolan love the Xbox remote. I think this will be his motivation to crawl so he can get it whenever he wants. He’s chewing on it as I type.


This is his new trike we were given from a family at the school I work at. 🙂 He really enjoys it. We’ve already taken him on a walk in it and he enjoyed looking at the ground. We need to teach him to keep his eyes on the road.

One thought on “Happy Half Birthday!

  1. I was just thinking about the the other day!! Wondering how you and Nolan were doing! So glad to hear he’s doing so great!! And for you as well! Sounds like he’s growing and doing so amazing! God is so good!


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