DIY: Candle to Bathroom Storage

The Finished Project!

The Finished Project!

LOVE Bath and Body Works… especially their candles. A few months ago they were having a wonderful sale and I bought some amazing candles. Mine and my husband’s favorite scent we bought was Island Margarita. Unfortunately it’s a summer scent and since it’s winter I can’t buy another one right now. I should have bought multiple… Anyway, this particular candle just had its last day. 😦 I didn’t want to just trash the candle jar because it can be reused!!! I’ve seen so many cute ideas for bathroom storage and I’ve decided I’m going to use my empty candle jar for just that. Here is my process!!!

After the candle’s last burn there was still some residual wax. I stuck the candle jar in the freezer for about an hour and a half. When I took it out there were cracks in the wax. (I forgot to take a picture.) I stuck a knife in the cracks and I was able to pop the wax out.

image (1)Then I waited for the jar to warm up to clean it because I didn’t want broken glass everywhere.
After it warmed up I put it in warm water and soap and let it sit for a couple minutes. I was able to get the side label off but the bottom one was more difficult. Soaking it allowed me to more easily scrub off the label. I used a rough sponge to scrub the jar and got as much stickiness and more off. Then I poured a little bit of vegetable oil in the jar and used a paper towel to go over the entire jar, inside and out. I’ve read posts where people used baby oil but vegetable oil works as well. After I felt like all of the stickiness was off I rinsed the jar and then scrubbed it with soap and water again. I cleaned the lid but it didn’t need as much attention. I decided I was going to use this jar for my q-tips.

Eventually I’m going to add a nice handle to it but this will do for now. I almost can’t wait to finish another candle so I have a jar for cotton balls!

I didn’t let the residual wax go to wasted either! We have a Scentsy so I cut the residual wax into slightly smaller pieces, put them in a ziplock sandwich bag, and put them in the freezer. Now if I want to smell Island Margarita I can just stick one in the Scentsy warmer!


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