Merry Christmas!!


Christmas time is a busy time!! I meant to post a pre-Christmas blog with some of the activities we did at the
beginning of the month but it’s just been so busy and stressful I never got around to it. So I’m going to share most of my December up to today!

We had my cousin’s birthday party to attend. He had it at a trampoline park and we’ve never been to one. It was a blast; I think more so for the adults!! Then Jonathan’s parents took the whole family to ICE at the Gaylord. Jonathan and I have been before when the theme was Madagascar, but this time it was Frosty the Snowman. They have a slide made of ice but I didn’t slide this year. I took a few pictures of our time there.



This was a man carving the ice!

This was a man carving the ice!



At the end of that week the preschool I work at had our Christmas program. We had a great turn out and the children did awesome. I personally think the 18-24 months class did the best but that’s because I’m a little bias. I was very proud of my kiddos!

The same night as the program my husband told me he hadn’t been feeling very well. I just thought it was because he had a long day at work and needed some rest. On December 20 at 6:30 PM I took his temperature and he had a 103.3. Since it was too late for doctors offices to be open we had to go to an urgent care facility. 5 days before Christmas my poor husband got the flu. 😦 The next night I started running fever so we both spent our days before Christmas sick. Luckily we were feeling better by Christmas Eve except for some coughs.

On Christmas Eve we had our Candlelight Service at church which is always one of my favorites! Then we went to Jonathan’s parent’s house. We had pizza for dinner and then opened gifts. Everyone got a lot of good stuff! I got a new bed spread for the new bed I got!!

On Christmas day we did our own little Christmas in our apartment before going to my parent’s house. Jonathan made me this awesome wall decor piece.


I am a huge fan of the Aggies so this gift was awesome!!

After our little Christmas we went to my family’s house. We had to get there before 10 AM because my mom, dad, and brother were leaving for a soccer tournament in Florida. I got some Bath and Body Works items and a ULTA gift card. After my parents left for Florida we waited a couple of hours and then went to my aunt’s house to celebrate Christmas with the extended family. Then later that afternoon we went and saw The Hobbit!!

The day after Christmas Jonathan helped put together a swing set for our niece and that took up the majority of our day!

Our December has been extremely busy with friends and family! It’s my favorite time of year!

I hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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