Cardiologist, Christmas, and Career


Nolan had a cardiologist check-up today. He hasn’t been since August and today he had his first echo since the Glenn. I was glad they did the echo because it gives me a better peace of mind knowing they got better pictures to be SURE everything was okay.

For some reason I went in to today thinking something was going to be off. I played out this whole scenario in my head that his valve had gotten worse and there were going to need to do an immediate heart cath to get a better look. I was already planning out who I would call and making sure I had someone to teach my class. I am ridiculous…

Dr. Roten came in and told us everything looked GREAT! His sats were 83% which is where she wants them. His echo looked great and he sounded wonderful. She’s not worried about his blue spells unless he’s also having trouble breathing. She also said his cough wasn’t causing any issues and even though it sounds like it’s in his chest his lungs sounded perfect. We will just have to continue waiting out the cough. I’m so relieved his appointment went well and I need to stop being such a worrier. We won’t go back to the cardiologist for SIX months!!


Nolan playing with blocks while we waited for the doctor.


Tonight we had Nolan’s CHD Christmas Party! Yet another reason why I love the Cook Children’s! They have an annual Christmas party for all the heart kiddos. We got a picture with Santa and then Nolan got his first Christmas gift: a Little People Helicopter!


The real star of the evening wasn’t Santa, though. It was Dr. Tam.. We had to get a picture with him! Of course, I’m trying to get Nolan’s attention and little did I know the picture was being taken. It was so great to see Dr. Tam and for Nolan to meet him even though he didn’t really understand.


Nolan also got to see and pet the therapy dog, Journey. I’m pretty sure this is the same dog that came and visited him while he was in stroke clinic a couple of months back. He LOVES dogs. He was upset when we left the puppy.



Lastly, we might be experiencing a bit of change around here come April. For the past few months Johnny has been going through the process of becoming a police officer for a local department. He took the written test and passed then about a month later he took the physical and passed. It had been a while since we heard back so we were starting to lose hope then he received an email! He had a polygraph yesterday and, of course, passed! He was told that if he passed the Board Interview, Psych Eval., and was cleared Medically then he would be accepted into the Academy’s April class! It’s exciting for him but scary for me.


We would appreciate prayers for:

  • Nolan’s continued health and for his nasty cough to GO AWAY FOR GOOD!
  • That God’s will would be done in Johnny’s life and with this police business.
  • Peace for me about the potential of my husband being a police officer. 


We love you all and thank you for supporting, encouraging, and loving us!

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