Why We Started a Business

We wouldn’t have decided to start a business selling essential oils if we didn’t absolutely believe in them.

Again, we absolutely see the benefit of modern medicine. After all, we have a son with half a heart, without modern medicine we wouldn’t have him. However, we want to try natural remedies before we fill our bodies with some of the toxins that are in our modern medicine.

These oils come from plants. Plants were the medicine “back in the day”. Plants are created by God, so we feel pretty confident using them.

So, why did we decide to do the business side of it? Financial Freedom!

I’m a preschool teacher. I LOVE my job and it certainly helps pay our bills and allows us to do fun things every once in a while. But we would really enjoy if we could take vacations. We’d also enjoy not worrying every time Johnny takes off from work. This year he’s had to take many days off work and he doesn’t have enough vacation days to cover all the time off. The week I was in the hospital delivering Nolan, we didn’t get a paycheck and that was rough because our bills didn’t stop.

I want Johnny to be able to take time off and not be stressed about money.

And as you can imagine, medical bills aren’t cheap! Delivering a baby, two surgeries, and a total of 37 days (between Nolan and I) in the hospital really adds up! We don’t want the weight of medical bills. And we aren’t done, yet. We have at least one more surgery and we’d love to be able to pay those bills off quickly!

We have to opportunity of having financial freedom. We have to opportunity for Johnny to come home and not need to work. (I’ll probably continue teaching just because I LOVE it so much.) We really liked these opportunities and that’s why we decided to start this business.


You can also have these opportunities and I’d love to help you learn how!

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