Living More Naturally

Essentual oils have been around forever! They are not a new thing. But it seems like over the past couple years their popularity has risen. I hadn’t heard about oils until probably 2 years ago. My initial thought was it was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard of. Seriously, the only people using oils were hippies! (I’m sorry, I realize I was wrong). I mean, there’s modern medicine for a reason so just keep medicating yourself and stop pretending oils work.
Then I spent $500 in ONE month because of allergies! I don’t have that kind of money to spend every time my allergies act up. I started looking into essential oils more and relaized there were a lot of people using them and claiming they worked. So there had to be something to them, right? But still not convinced. I started using them occasionally to help with allergies (No more $500) and sleep and noticed they were working. I talked to someone who constantly had strep going around their house. They started using a specific blend and they haven’t had to deal with that.

But the real turning point was last year… As most everyone knows, we found out Nolan would be born with half a heart. When we found out, I officially made the decision to try and live naturally. Try to cut out all of the toxic chemicals and synthetic medications. (We live in an overly medicated society anyway.) I wanted to do anything and everything I could to provide a healthy environment for my son. And oils are another layer of health.

Storytime: A couple months ago, after Nolan’s Glenn, we were dealing with awful headaches. The poor kiddo was in so much pain and the Tylenol, benadryl, and motrin weren’t helping much. He still was having a rough time sleeping which meant mom and dad couldn’t sleep. So I got out the lavender oil, rubbed some on his feet and diffused in his room. He slept much better. He still woke up some but not as much. 

Just this past week Johnny had a sinus infection. His sister brought over a ton of medication and I told him “no”. He wasn’t happy because he just wanted to feel better but I asked him to let me try first. He was taking a shot of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. We’d rub some oregano on his throat. And we were diffusing protective blend. The next day I could tell he was feeling much better and we didn’t use any medication.

We aren’t against medicine. Nolan takes digoxin and aspirin every day for his heart. But, if we can treat things naturally we’re going to try that first.

Do you want to live more naturally? Contact me!
*I was going to write about why we decided to start a business with oils, but this post is already fairly long. So, I will share that with you in a couple of days.

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