I suppose I’ll do one more update before Nolan gets here.

I’ve still been going to the OB weekly and I really hate it. I find myself dreading Mondays because I hate going to doctors appointments. I LOVE seeing Nolan and hearing his heart, but weekly visits just remind me that everything is not as normal as it should be.

A couple weeks ago Johnny and I were at the appointment and I was hooked up to the monitor. I was expecting Nolan to move a lot because normally he did. This day he decided he didn’t want to move and he also wanted to give everyone a little scare with his heart. He wasn’t responding the way the doctor liked and so I had to stay on the monitor longer than normal. I also had to be “buzzed” and apparently that made his heart respond the way they wanted.

Since then everything’s been looking good. We haven’t had any more issues with movement or heart rate. He’s taking plenty of practice breaths. He’s also found my ribs… Lucky me! His head is no longer measuring 3 weeks ahead so I assume that means the rest of his body caught up. We’re guesstimating a 7.5 pound baby with a normal head. 😉 Apparently he looks like me but I don’t know how you tell that from an ultrasound picture.

Last Monday the doctor said his head was “way low” so that was encouraging. We’ve officially scheduled my induction for January 18, but I’m hoping since he’s already “way low” I’ll go into labor on my own. I just REALLY don’t want to be put on pitocin. I have one more appointment on the 11 and depending on how that one goes my doctor might have me come in on the 17th to start on Cervadil.

Sometime last week I realized I was having a couple Braxton-Hicks contractions a day. Then this week I started having more each day. They’re still super irregular and nothing has been painful. They’ve been uncomfortable but manageable. I’ve decided I’m going to walk up and down the stairs to see if that’ll help. 🙂

Our booster campaign closed! We raised enough to almost meet Nolan’s deductible!!! That is going to be a tremendous help. Johnny and I are so, incredibly thankful to everyone who bought a shirt and donated. Nolan has so many people who love and care for him already and we’re so grateful. He’s going to have a good support system and that’s going to be very helpful as he grows up. So THANK YOU!

Not much else is going on. We’re just anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet boy and all the changes this is going to mean.

I know ultimately Nolan’s birth is completely up to God. And the most important thing is that at the end of the day we did what was best for Nolan and he’s okay. However, I really want to go into labor before the 18th. I want to meet this baby boy!! But I’m also very uncomfortable and I would love to not be induced. So if you could just pray that God’s Will will be done in all this and that His Will is that I go into labor in the next week, that would be much appreciated. 😉

For real though, pray for a safe and normal delivery. (By “normal” I mean no emergencies!) There’s going to be a lot of emotions on Nolan’s BIRTHday, so please be praying for Johnny and I as it’s going to be tough. I also don’t know if I’ll update between his birth and first surgery so please keep in mind his first surgery will be within the first week of his life and be praying that goes well.



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