32 weeks down, forever to go!

I was hoping the holiday season would make these last few weeks fly by but that’s just not the case. 😦 I feel 32 weekslike this last 7 weeks is going to drag by and mid-January is NEVER going to get here. I’m so anxious to meet this baby!

During the Thanksgiving break I had a fetal echo. Dr. Roten wanted to make sure everything still looked as it should and there weren’t any changes. I found myself praying that I’d go to this appointment and they’d tell me that his heart miraculously developed. I didn’t get news that great, but she did tell me that the hole in his heart is still WIDE open, which is what we want. At one point I saw the screen say something about the tricuspid valve which caused some worry. If there’s a leak there it could mean that he won’t be a good candidate for the three stage surgery and would have to be put on the transplant list. Luckily I just didn’t know what I was looking at and there’s nothing wrong with that particular valve.

Today I had an OB appointment and this week started my weekly visits. I’ll be going once a week for non-stress tests (NST). Today went well. They hooked me up to the monitor and every time I felt him move I pressed a button. He moved 54 times in 15 minutes. It was actually probably more than that because sometimes he would move right after I hit the button and I didn’t want to hit it again. I was listening to his heart beat and it got really fast (about 160 bpm) then it suddenly slowed down. I thought something was wrong but the doctor told me everything was fine and his heart rate looked good. As of now, he’s handling pregnancy well! We also checked his growth today. His head is HUGE! It’s measuring about 3 weeks further along than what I actually am. Johnny joked and said his head would be born and then 3 weeks later the rest of him would be born. The doctor is guessing his weight to be somewhere around 4.17 pounds which is right on track. I’m confident we’ll have a good birth weight and the majority of it will probably be his head. 😉 He’s also taking a few practice breaths and his movement looks good. I had to get blood drawn to check my iron and apparently in the state of Texas it’s required you get screened for syphilis. I’m hoping my arm doesn’t bruise as bad this time.

Maybe the weekly visits to the OB will make the rest of the pregnancy go by quickly… One can only hope.

I don’t have an induction date set yet because the doctors still need to discuss some things, but it’s looking like it’ll be January 18 or 19. I’m still really hoping I go into labor before so I don’t have to be induced!


Don’t forget, we’re doing the booster campaign to raise money for the hospital bills. You can buy the shirts from HERE. The campaign ends December 22 so make sure to get your shirt before then.

Please continue to pray for Johnny and I. Right now we’re doing great and we’re confident in the outcomes. However, I know the closer we get to the birth the harder it’s going to be.



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