Baby is a…

After two weeks of anticipation we finally had our gender reveal party. gr1
It was a ton of fun and I’m glad to finally know what to
call our baby.

My mom was the only one who knew and I’m surprised she was able to keep it a secret. 😉 We gave her the envelope and sonogram pictures the day after our anatomy scan. Multiple people joked that if she opened it right away she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret. She told everyone that she was going to open it the Thursday before the party that way she only had to keep it to herself for one full day… And we all thought she did. She proved to all of us that she can keep a secret because she actually opened the envelope the day we gave it to her. I was surprised she didn’t let it slip up in two weeks. Anyway, now we finally know and we couldn’t be more excited. Of course, we would have been excited either way.

I knew the week leading up to the party would drag on and it did. I felt like Saturday would never come. I had a hard time staying asleep Friday night partly due to excitement and partly due to normal pregnancy insomnia (any suggestions?). I woke up fairly early Saturday and started to clean hoping that would help pass time but it still seemed as if time was moving so slow! I knew as soon as people started showing up time would pass quicker and thankfully it did. As soon as the pool noodle got here we were ready to reveal the gender…

(We needed a pool noodle because we were using a pinata to do the reveal and we had lots of kiddos here. Johnny and I wanted to be the ones to bust open the pinata but we also wanted the kids to be able to participate. They got to hit the pinata with the pool noodle because then there was no way they’d be able to open it!) 

Each kiddo took a turn hitting the pinata and then it was Johnny and I’s turn. It was a pull string pinata so Johnny and I each grabbed a string and pulled. (I was so nervous for some reason.) My string ripped off and Johnny’s opened the pinata just a bit. So he pulled harder and I saw pink candy. I KNEW IT! From the very beginning I was pretty sure we’d have a girl just based on our families. So then we shook the pinata and the rest of the candy fell out plus some confetti. Except the confetti was blue and so was the candy that mattered…. I just happened to see a box of pink nerds and THOUGHT that meant baby was a girl. I was very surprised because I just had a feeling all along that we’d be having a girl.

Nolan Sono


We are both very happy to be having a little boy but I must say, I was extremely SHOCKED! I had called Johnny earlier in the week and asked him what he REALLY thought we were having and he said a boy. I just figured it’s because he wanted a boy so bad that he convinced himself that’s what we were having. I was 99.9% sure we were having a girl. However, later in the week a couple of the kids at the preschool gave me a card and they had colored it all in blue. For a second it made me think oh it’s a sign, we’re having a boy. Then I realized that was silly and they probably just wanted to color with blue. So then I went back to thinking we were having a girl. I continued to think that until the pinata was opened.

We are very excited that come January we will get to meet our little Nolan Robert Stephens!


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