PosPreg Johnny and I are finally going to be a mommy and daddy! We are both very excited for this baby but we are also both a little terrified. After all, we’re going to be responsible for a baby! I may spend all day with kiddos but it’s going to be totally different when the kiddo is mine!

Anyway, here’s our “pregnancy” story!

I wanted kids since the day we got married but Johnny felt it would be a good idea to wait a while. So almost two years after getting married we decided it was time to quit taking the pill. We figured that it would take a couple of months to get pregnant. Everything I read online said that women who took the pill had to wait a few months for their cycle to regulate before they could get pregnant. I was thinking we’d get pregnant around June. HA! God had different plans, which is TOTALLY fine! Anyway, the week of April 6 I started feeling really nauseous. Anything I ate made me sick to my stomach. I told a couple of friends on April 11 and they told me I needed to take a pregnancy test. I took the test April 12 and it was negative. April 19 I took my last BC pill! On Mother’s Day my grandma wished me a happy mother’s day and I told her she was weird because I wasn’t a mother…Little did I know. So I was supposed to start that Tuesday and I didn’t. I had been cramping so I figured I would any day. I told my mom and a friend at work and they said cramping could by a symptom of pregnancy but again I just figured I would start any day. The week went by and on Friday I still hadn’t started and I told my mom and she said take a test. I figured I’d take a test Saturday morning because morning is supposed to be the best time. However, I told my friend what I had been going on and she convinced me to go buy a test.

Side note: I hate buying pregnancy tests because I’m young and I feel like I’m being judged. So my friend threw in some comments to make sure the cashier knew I was married… Like he cared.

My sister kept telling me that it was going to be negative and I was just going to get my hopes up. And I did get my hopes up knowing that I was only going to be disappointed. So after the 3 minutes went by I went to look at the test. IT WAS POSITIVE! AT NIGHT TIME! TWO VERY SOLID LINES! Holy moly I was pregnant! Johnny was working on our house but I wanted him to come home immediately so I could tell him. He thought I had chopped off a finger because apparently I sounded very frantic on the phone. He got home and I told him. He was a little shocked and told me how busy he was but then gave me a hug! Then we just HAD to go tell our parents because I absolutely could not wait until the next day! And now the whole world knows. I wanted to try to wait but it’s a big secret to keep. 🙂

According to my little pregnancy tracker app I’m almost 6 weeks! I haven’t had much nausea just some light cramping. I was told that could be because I’m dehydrated so I’m really trying to drink a ton of water which only makes the peeing more frequent! I have my first prenatal appointment on June 29! I hope that day comes fast because I’m so ready to see my little velociraptor!

We’ve decided that velociraptor is going to be the nickname for the baby. Everyone always has their little names for baby like “Baby (last name)” or “peanut” but we chose velociraptor because why not?! And I’m definitely getting this shirt!!


So this is it. We’re having a baby! I would really appreciate if you could be praying for a healthy pregnancy!

I know we have a long ways to go, but I can’t wait for January!

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