New Year Update!

ResolutionsWell, it’s three months into the new year and I suppose it’s time to talk about the new and exciting things going on in our life.

Not too much has changed this year but there have been some good aspects.

My husband was in the welding field. He had been in that field for about 3.5 years. After about a year of being at his most recent job he realized welding wasn’t something he wanted to do for a living. He enjoyed it as a hobby and he enjoyed creating things but as a job it wasn’t his cup of tea. For a while he had been talking about applying to some police academies and possibly becoming a police officer. On January 3, he tested for a local police department. He passed the physical and written portions of the exam. He had a ton of paperwork to fill out and then he was told to wait. We waited for a couple of weeks and finally got a letter in the mail. We were really hoping and praying for good news but unfortunately he was not accepted. 😦 He was discouraged, as was I. At the end of January we found out the company my dad works for was hiring. Our only problem is they don’t typically start “newbies” at the rate Jonathan was currently making. He decided to apply and interview anyway and was given the job!!! He now works as a TAB technician. It’s a different line of work and so far he’s really enjoying it. I’m just glad he doesn’t dread going to work everyday.

Not much has really changed with me personally. I still work as a preschool teacher. Our school year is coming to an end. I will continue to teach during the summer and during the 2015-2016 school year. We’re still saving up so I can start my midwifery school. I also decided a needed a hobby so I’ve taken up crocheting and learning sign language!

When Jonathan and I got married we talked a lot about kids. We agreed on waiting about two years. We are coming up on our two-year anniversary and so hopefully this year we will find out we’re pregnant. STAY TUNED!

Also this year we are in the process of trying to buy a house. We’ve started all the paperwork and are going to look at our first house tomorrow. I’m very excited because I’ve seen the outside and I’ve fallen in love. I’m hoping the inside is just as beautiful. I know that God has a plan and He will put us in the house He wants. I’m trying to remember that but I’m also hoping His will is that house. 😉 Hopefully, before Summer starts, we will be moving into a house!!

We haven’t had much going on this year but hopefully the middle and end of the year will bring a lot of exciting things for us!

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