Yummy in My Tummy: “Tea” Recipe

Over the holidays I had an awful cough. Nothing I did could get rid of it. I tried the pill version of Mucinex for a few days and when I didn’t feel that was working I went and bought cough syrup… Still nothing. Then I got on the internet and looked up a few natural remedies for coughs. I found a lot of posts about the benefits of honey, lemon, and peppermint so I decided to make a “tea” that incorporated all of these ingredients.

Luckily for me, my husband and I have a Keurig so I didn’t have to boil any water. I cleaned out the Keurig and then just pushed “brew” and I had a cup of hot water. Then from there I just added my ingredients. I’m not one for measuring when I’m experimenting so I don’t have any exact measurements for you.

I usually put honey in my mug before water so I just put enough honey to cover the bottom of my mug. Then I squeezed some lemon juice in it. I really don’t think it matters how much you put in! Then I “brewed” some hot water using my Keurig. At first I was going to leave it at that but then I thought “why not add some peppermint.” I had just bought peppermint extract for a recipe so I added a few drops of that and stirred.

It wasn’t a complicated “recipe” and it actually tasted pretty good. I was a little nervous that lemon and peppermint wouldn’t mix well. And the best part about this “tea”? I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night coughing up my lungs!!!

It’s not complicated and it doesn’t take that long. So next time you have a cough, sore throat, or just want something easy you can try this. 🙂


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